Glowing reviews from CoDev ’09!

“My expectations are generally quite low for such conferences, but this one far exceeded them.” That’s just one of the many comments I’m  hearing today from our participants at CoDev ’09 (8th Annual Congress on Open Innovation and Co-Development) last month! The conference is sponsored by Management Roundtable (MRT) and the Product Development and Management

Marketers pay attention to Alpha Mom’s heritage

How do Alpha Moms handle economic challenges? By using their savvy! Marketers love Alpha Moms because they take advantage of their networks and technology to do their homework. A new study by a marketing firm shows that while all mothers are battling with the growing concerns  such as education and saving for the future, a

Harvesting a global trend

Genetically modified crops enjoyed a bumper year in 2008, according to the International Service for the Acquisition of Agri-Biotech Applications (ISAAA), a biotech group. ISAAA predicts that by the year 2015 a total of four billion acres will have been planted. Last year 26 million more acres were planted globally, and expansion will continue. Both

Front End of Innovation Conference – Boston

Please join us for the 7th annual Front End of Innovation Conference in Boston on May 18-20.  Here we’ll discuss a new “ecosystem of innovation that must be developed to drive you, your team and your organization toward sustained growth in these challenging times.   Read more about the conference here.

Atlanta Creativity Exchange

Cheryl will be participating in the Atlanta Creativity Exchange on March 27 and 28.  This event is a three-day experiential series of programs for professional, educational and personal creativity presented by the best creativity leaders from North America and around the world.  Here you will be exposed to a wide range of perspectives on the research