Future Media Fest 2010

Cheryl will be moderating a “Birds of a Feather” session, which will explore open innovation, at “FutureMediaFest 2010” in Atlanta, GA. The event is hosted by the Georgia Institute of Technology and provides an “interactive mash-up of talent, ideas, trends and technology.” Attendees will be able to speak with investors, interactive marketing experts, network and

Solar Success!

Solar power companies are partnering with many top corporations to help power their offices, plants and retail outlets. Copanies like Kohls, Dell, Whole Foods, J&J and Intel are using the sun and the power of strategic collaboration to save energy. You can read up on how each of these companies is finding solar success via

Lessons from a Grocer on the Unintended Consequences of Poor Metrics

One of the lessons of our recent book from John Wiley and Sons, Conquering Innovation Fatigue, is that the choice of metrics that business leaders use to track and drive innovation can actually contribute to innovation fatigue. Unfortunately, one’s choice of metrics can have unintended consequences that drive bad decisions and poor behavior. A recent

Oil disaster needs innovative solutions

The oil spill disaster off the Gulf Coast is truly tragic. The numbers–from the billions of dollars in damage to the environmental toll–are barely fathomable to most of us. Here  is a look at a chart that ties the disaster together with amazing clarity. Another site is hosting some incredible photographs of the disaster including