Lessons from Tyler Heights: Beware the Unintended Consequences of Metrics and Incentives

One can find many interesting lessons for business and innovation in case studies from ongoing experiments in public education. For example, the Summer 2010 edition of American Educator illustrates a lesson we teach in Conquering Innovation Fatigue: metrics to drive performance can have unintended consequences that may hurt rather than help. Indeed, unintended consequences are

The H.S. Group: Intransition

Cheryl’s article, “21st Century Challenges” appeared in The H.S. Group’s summer 2010 newsletter “Intransition.” The article discusses how companies can deliver top-line growth and true innovation in a tough business climate by overcoming the two-fold challenge of talent management and innovation. Click here to read the full article.

Embracing Generation Y

As a parent I’ve had a lot of experience delving into the mindset of one of the biggest market segments in the world.  Generation Y, sometimes called the Millenials or echo boomers, will significantly shape the way Boomers (like me)  work, shop and play. There are a lot of forces shaping this huge demographic group,

13 July 10: The Post-Crescent

Innovationedge’s Innovation Industry Pulse Poll was featured in an article titled, “Enhanced value, customer experience trump prices” in the The Post-Crescent business section on July 13, 2010. Click the image below to read the article.

30 June 10: Yahoo! Business News

Innovationedge’s Innovation Industry Pulse Poll was featured in an article titled, “Innovation Survey Reveals Corporations’ Efforts Not Just Focused on Cost Savings” on Yahoo! News on June 30. Click below to view the full article. YahooNews_7.1

Marketers look at the Mom Factor

For the past several years now I’ve been writing about the influence moms have on advertising and marketing–even product creation.  (Remember how Nintendo asked mothers about how to enhance Wii?) Now a new report on the 2010 Mom Social Influencer offers some great numbers and interesting facts about just how much the marketplace should be valuing