Team culture

I came across a Harvard Business Review article this week about how large corporations can better foster innovation by helping their dedicated innovation team members partner with other performance and core process teams, rather than struggle with conflict. (Culture is one of the key ingredients of a healthy company of any size!) I was drawn

Are you listening, or shouting?

Is your marketing department engaging in effective social media strategies? A report out earlier this week suggests that one in three corporations is blogging to fill a niche that other forms of social media like Twitter and Facebook cannot. Some of the most popular bloggers who have thousands of readers will tell you that they

Innovation Example: Finding Synergy Between Functional and Decorative Elements

Toppan Printing in Japan has developed an innovative smart label that combines holographic security with RFID technology. The cool thing is that the metallic antenna needed for transmitting and receiving radio signals–normally a metallized spiral or other shape that tends to be unattractive–has become part of the aluminum metal of the metallic holographic label. This

Jul 2010: pdma Visions Magazine

Cheryl’s article, “Companies expand commitment to innovation; planning becomes a priority,” was featured on pages 32-35 of the July 2010 edition of PDMA Visions. The article provides highlights from the 9th annual PDMA/MRT CoDev conference that was held in Scottsdale, Ariz., in January. Click here to view Cheryl’s full article.

2010 MWSCC Technical Symposium

Cheryl is the featured keynote speaker for the 2010 Midwest Chapter Society of Cosmetic Chemists (MWSCC) Technical Symposium. The event’s theme is “INNOVATION: Seeking inspiration from new sources.” MWSCC was founded in 1945 and has more than 4,000 members who work to focus and promote the exchange of ideas and new developments in cosmetic research

Eyes to the future

We know that green and clean technology and the “Click Stream Customer” are two of many trends that will impact the way we do business in the future. Trend watching has become a business in itself.  Futurist James Canton is one of many business futurists who make a living by interpreting the signs of what

London Gets a Boost in Innovation: The New Masters Program at City University London

London may be getting a boost in innovation with an exciting new innovation training program, the “MICL” (pronounced like “Michael”), short for Masters in Innovation, Creativity, and Leadership, a masters degree program offered at City University London. See for details. The program involves the arts, business, law, social science, and informatics. Looks like a