New concept car takes green to a new level with zero emissions

Not too long ago I blogged about the YEZ electric car that is changing the way manufacturers think about energy efficiency and media connectivity. In a few weeks you’re going to hear a lot about Nissan’s zero-emission ESFLOW electric sports car, which will be featured at the International Motorshow in Geneva. Talk about green innovation!

Valentine’s Day rendezvous for NASA

Want a unique and innovative way to spend Valentine’s day with your sweetheart? Gather your favorite people around the computer or the NASA channel to see something historical. Monday the NASA’s Stardust spacecraft will fire up its camera as it comes face-to-face with a crater that was created six years ago by a NASA space

The Skin Cell gun

Science has found a new way to help people suffering from bad burns heal faster than we could ever imagine. This new technology is much like a paint spray gun that helps skin heal. Click on the video and check out this astounding innovation that I think will change the face of how our medical