Why the Cosmic and Corporate Org Charts Are Broken: Dark Energy, Dark Matter, and Intangibles

In the past decade or so, scientists have been astounded to discover that the universe that we can see represents only a tiny fraction of the matter and energy that governs the cosmos. Based on the motion of stars and galaxies, strange “dark matter” must be present, increasing the gravitational tug on celestial bodies more

Kindle vs. Nook: a tale of two e-readers

If you’ve been waiting to get an e-reader upgrade (or your very first one), Barnes & Noble unveiled its newest e-reader today: a smaller, black-and-white touchscreen device called the Nook Simple Touch Reader. It is selling for $139, the same suggested retail price as Amazon’s Kindle. How do the two compare? Both devices have built-in Wi-Fi,

Disruptive Innovation Meets Higher Education: Review of The Innovative University by Clayton M. Christensen and Henry J. Eyring

Disruptive innovation is underway in higher education. While many will benefit, gaining access to personalized education at lower cost, some institutions will suffer if they fail to change now. Insights into the innovations coming to the university of the future is found in The Innovative University: Changing the DNA of Higher Education from the Inside