New York City crowdsources Hurricane Irene storm damage

Storm damage maps can be very useful in pinpointing where severe weather is heading, and New York City residents are using that same idea to help direct cleanup crews and emergency responders. Over the weekend the city launched a new mapping project where residents can report downed trees, powerlines, debris and power outages. It’s a

It’s the real thing: Coke Lets You Create Your Own Drink on Facebook

I spotted this article over at today and thought I’d share it. What a great example of how Coca-Cola can tap into crowdsourcing in real time to understand how fans and customers think drinks.  And for customers who live in a larger town, there is a good chance they can take their ideas and

Global focus on innovation rapidly on the rise

I recently returned from our first Food & Beverage 2011: Sustainable Innovation Summit last week in Chicago,  where some of the top innovation leaders from small and large global food giants (Kraft, General Mills, Heinz, Smuckers and many others), gathered to talk about innovation. We learned from each other how to better create a user