Precise Forecasting Helps Maximize Wind Power

The winds of change may be unpredictable, but forecasts are improving. New partnerships between energy companies and government agencies are helping to predict wind speeds far enough in advance to save energy companies billions of dollars. Power companies, grid operators, and energy traders often pay close attention to the nightly forecasts on television news, but

Six Innovative Ideas to Watch

I’m passing along some ideas from Harvard Business Review that emerged in 2011 as powerful “innovation invitations.” HBR says these seem certain to intensify in global power and influence, and I do agree that they will spark innovation differentiation in the months ahead: 1. The Slacktivism Co-Opt As much a term of derision as global

Can an iPad substitute for a passport?

Here is an interesting idea sparked by a man who recently entered the U.S. from Canada without his passport. Instead he presented the border authorities with his iPad, which contained a scanned image of his passport. I wonder if this is a sign of things to come? Read on: Martin Reisch said Tuesday a slightly

Helping Kenya go green with biochar

  Imagine using human and livestock waste as a source of green energy. Many companies have explored this, but one in particular is getting the go-ahead to make some headway in Kenya with the development of biochar. Fast Company recently featured Jason Aramburu, the CEO of re:char, who is working with the emerging area of

Five Big Trends in Business Innovation in 2012

Throughout the year I will continue to blog about trends I see in innovation. Here’s a few of them I saw today in a Washington Post article, and how they’ll impact the business landscape in the months to come. Do you agree? 1. Strategy and entrepreneurship will have ever-greater interdependence. A trend I’ve been watching

InnovationEdge helps women and girls in developing nations

Happy New Year!  2012 is going to be a great year for innovation, and I’m excited to help launch a new effort that will bring hygiene solutions and dignity to women in developing nations. Millions of girls and women in developing countries miss up to 50 days of school/work per year because they do not