Scientists Print Cheap RFID Tags On Paper

I saw this at TechWeekEurope. I’ve been involved in RFID technology for years now, and it never ceases to amaze me where these tags can be used. They are getting smaller and smarter! Read on: Scientists Print Cheap RFID Tags On Paper Technology could make RFID tags cheap enough to replace barcodes in the future.

We pushed the innovation envelope!

I spent this past week in beautiful La Jolla, Calif., chairing the Co-Dev 2012 Conference. Here top innovation leaders from all over the country joined me in addressing open innovation’s critical role in achieving higher returns while managing risk, costs and uncertainty. I have been attending the conference for many years, and every year there

Will Pinterest keep their interest?

Have you been pinning? if you are one of those folks who love collecting things (rooster figurines, baseball cards, antique gardening tools), you may have discovered how to collect and share without clogging up your attic or that guest room closet. Pinterest is one of the hottest new social platforms for collecting and sharing sharing

Dutch Kids Pedal Their Own Bus To School

Here is a prototype from the Netherlands, where riding your bike to work or school is the norm. These inventors are taking the bike idea to the next realm: Public transportation. Here is a story of the “bicycle school bus” from Fast CoExist: World Changing Ideas and Innovation: The Dutch are bicycle fanatics. Almost half