Silk’s natural quality stands test of time

As I reported in my weekly newspaper column, I recently went to China and got a first-hand look at a nation of innovation. Steeped in rich history, I learned many things about China’s softest commodity: silk! Silk is an innovation that has been around for thousands of years, but interestingly is pretty much in the

China offers new approaches to innovation

I recently returned from an exciting few weeks in Shanghai, China, teaching, working with Innovationedge clients and studying the Chinese marketplace. As I wrote about in my weekly newspaper column, my colleague Pat Clusman and I were honored to be able to deliver innovation programs to Chinese companies, multinational organizations and government agencies at the

Arlington National Cemetery Going High Tech

Do you know anyone with friends or relatives buried at Arlington? Now the cemetery will soon become the first to use geospatial mapping technology to replace old paper records. Visitors can log in and visit their loved ones and find complete information. Check out the story from NBC News: It is solemn and reverent ground.

Technology helps some regain independence

One dream application of technology has always been to provide a way for those with debilitating spinal injuries or disease to be able to get around easier. Some with spinal injuries will recover and many others will depend upon wheelchairs for their independence. It isn’t easy being confined to a wheelchair. There are obstacles and difficulties

6 Startups Set to Rock Retail

Sure, we all know about Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter the newest craze, Pinterest, but just wait–more social sharing sites are on the horizon, and soon they will change the way you communicate, shop and work. It seems we can scarcely keep up with all of the new apps and technologies that seem to come at us