Sticking with innovation crucial to growth

No matter where I go in the U.S., or what type of industry I work with, I see a common challenge across almost all companies. Many industries have significantly cut back the financial resources they have earmarked for innovation. This situation is having impact on innovation leaders and their teams, as well as the companies’

Collaboration will move innovation forward

Manufacturers today are facing a broad array of challenges as they strive to develop products faster, improve efficiencies, and streamline their marketing and sales organizations. Manufacturing is a diverse field, but there are common themes among many of the businesses that represent the industry. This includes the need to reduce time and cost to market,

THINC! Innovation is this Thursday

I’m hoping you can join me for THINC! (Technology and Human Innovation Networking Conference), this Thursday, May 24th at EAA in Oshkosh. We’re going to discuss the global threat to American manufacturers, and why companies cannot afford to put innovation on the back burner. Three other thought leaders will join me this Thursday with THINC!