Instant cast: Just add air!

Have you ever been injured while camping, playing sport, traveling, or during a busy holiday weekend? Anyone who has ever had to seek medical attention for a break or sprain knows how difficult it can be to find immediate relief in a busy emergency room waiting area. Of course, professional medical treatment is important in

Let the crowd weigh in on creative ideas

Today there are so many ways available to share information. Collaboration and social dissemination of information are done through a variety of means including workshops, focus group sessions, communities of practice, teleconferences, video conferencing, net meetings, idea portholes and Web applications. Many corporations have also gotten a taste of the success that can come from

Charge your phone from…your shoe?

We’re seeing more and more innovative ways inventors are finding to charge our battery-operated devices. Creative charging methods include a pedal-powered table, a charging handbag or a USB-equipped urban bicycle! News from Kenya reports an entrepreneur has now developed a tiny chip inserted in the sole of a shoe that can charge the wearer’s cell