CoDev 2013: Open Innovation in La Jolla!

Over the past decade, CoDev conferences have been a driving force in leading a cross-industry exchange on the evolution of open innovation practices. Today, open innovation is no longer viewed as an optional business strategy —companies now recognize the potential value creation an open innovation approach can yield and are committed to evolving company culture,

Innovation now coming earlier in the process

For many years companies have been focusing their offerings to end users on their products. Today we see companies are realizing they can increase the value they deliver by also adding service innovation to their portfolio. This trend is often associated with business model changes that enable companies to transform their proposition and better compete

An App That Turns Any Surface Into An iPhone Keyboard

I came across this interesting iPhone app today from the Innovation Engineblog, and thought I’d share. This is the future of mobile communications! An astonishing app uses an iPhone’s accelerometer to sense the location of a tap on any surface and translate it into typed letters on a keyboard. We have virtual keyboards, clip-on keyboards,

Turbine Blades Made Out Of Vegetables!

The next generation of turbine wind blades may someday come from natural fibers and plant-based plastics from soybean, linseed, and other vegetable oils, instead of oil-based polymers.  Here is the story from Fast Company: A world powered by wind sounds super clear, until you start having to replace football-field-sized turbine blades. But what if they

Breathing toy lulls kids to sleep

Toys are getting a lot more sophisticated these days, and many of them have been innovated to solve a consumer challenge. Take the Hug and Dream Minnie Mouse toy from Japan, for instance. This new toy lulls little ones to sleep by simulating their breathing patterns.  The dolls were made available worldwide from Japan Trend