World’s first 3D pen inspires ideas

This innovative gadget will be sure to find uses for anyone who draws their ideas on napkins. 3Doodler is the “world’s first 3D printing pen, and lets you draw three-dimensional structures in midair. WobbleWorks Toy and robotics company invented the pen, and it is actually affordable.  While most 3D printers can cost thousands of dollars,

New Glasses Correct Colorblindness

I came across an incredible story of two inventors, Mark Changizi and Tim Barber, who turned their research on human vision and blood flow into colorblindness-correcting glasses you can buy on Amazon for $300. Here is the story from About 10 years ago, Mark Changizi started to develop research on human vision and how

Virgin America launches in-flight gallery

What do you think about companies that go the extra mile to enhance their customers’ cultural experience? That’s what Virgin America Airlines has done, by adding an in-flight art gallery for passengers in business class. Passengers are able to view and purchase paintings with the click of a button from the comfort of their seats.

Reflections on CoDev and Open Innovation

The 2013 edition of CoDev Conference took place this week in San Diego. This conference is the premiere gathering for those who are developing cutting-edge open innovation partnerships. Here innovation leaders from all over the world learned from each other how to find new ways to define their business models to deliver growth through Open

Get ready!

I’m making final preparations for a big week in San Diego, where some of the top thought leaders in innovation will join me for CoDev2013: Forging Collaborative Capabilities & Relationships to Accelerate Innovation. The three-day event i actually in nearby La Jolla, and kicks off Monday with a workshop that will help innovators built trust