Which colors make your customers purchase?

Color used in advertizing and branding can inspire, create excitement, or even make one wistful for bygone days. The color studies I’ve seen go way beyond trends and right into key learnings about our psyches and what makes us tick. It’s a fascinating phenomenon, and one that global corporations have leveraged for years. But now

Collaboration often leads to new innovations

The future of many functions in any company depends upon how the organization is best able to evaluate the knowledge landscape and work together to create effective solutions to their problems and the problems of their customers. Many companies are getting it. Over the last several months, I am hearing more and more senior leaders

She’s HAHA team brings joy to women and girls

One of my favorite partners is an organization called Sustainable Health Enterprises, or SHE. I am excited to help share the news from SHE’s “HAHA team” (Health and Hygiene Advocacy), working to ensure long-term access to menstrual hygiene education and products (including the SHE LaunchPad). Recently the team invited 15 students from the Duha Complex