Facebook Now Has 9 Million Users in Pakistan

I find it very interesting that within the past year, the numbers of new Facebook accounts has exploded in Pakistan. Facebook recently broke the 9 million user mark, and it only reached 8 million users earlier this year. So what’s been happening in Pakistan that would account for this growth, and what can we learn

Top Packaging Innovation Strategies

  If you follow packaging innovations like I do, you might enjoy this article from Consumer Goods Technology: In today’s difficult economic climate, consumer goods organizations are challenged to grow their businesses through innovation, but they often lack the capabilities or discipline to do so effectively. Packaging innovation from design to shelf is more important

Compostable Ziploc Bags reduce waste

Sustainable news from from SC Johnson, an innovative company launching a new Ziploc Brand Compostable Bags. The product is sure to tweak the interest of green-savvy consumers looking for storage solutions that help reduce landfill waste, without sacrificing food freshness or convenience. The bags, available exclusively online at SCJGreenChoices.com, are designed for use in commercial

Innovations succeed when work is recognized

Regardless of industry, organizations are still struggling with the lack of return on their innovation investments. Many of these organizations have well thought out formalized visions, missions, goals and objectives. Sometimes they may have also even already deployed innovation processes and metrics as well. However the innovation that they eventually bring to market is often