Patch makes you invisible to hungry mosquitoes

Just in time for the summer bug season comes this news about a patch you may one day wear to shield your identity – from mosquitoes! The Kite Patch was developed by Olfactor Laboratories, and works like DEET — blocking mosquitoes’ carbon dioxide receptors. Researchers say the chemicals used are so safe they are considered

Vending Machine Rewards Yawns With Free Cup Of Coffee

Imagine stumbling into your kitchen in the morning and activating your coffee machine – with a yawn! For me, anytime innovation marries coffee experiences, I pay attention. I recently saw an article about coffee roaster Douwe Egberts  trying out the yawn-activated technology on unsuspecting, tired airline passengers at an airport vending machine. The machine dispensed

Diversity and collaboration are great ways to foster innovation!

As we work with leaders across industries, we hear a strong focus on diversity as a way of encouraging innovation from many sources. Open innovation and strategic partnering are two proven ways to add to diversity in your organization. Open innovation, a concept that was formalized at an academic level by University of Cal-Berkeley professor

Human-Powered Helecopter earns Toronto students top award

University of Toronto engineering students and alumni have won a $250,000 Sikorsky prize for the world’s first human-powered helicopter. Says the AeroVelo website: We’re very excited for the world to learn about this exciting milestone in aviation history. At AeroVelo we hope to inspire people to take on great challenges and accomplish the impossible. We

App helps inventors meet influencers for coffee talk

A new smartphone app is allowing inventors and entrepreneurs to meet and network with key influencers in their own geographic locations. The “influencer of the month series” is a free iOS app from HereOnBiz, and features a geo-location service that helps bring together like-minded professionals. Influencers simply select a city in which they want to

Fresh air drives fresh thinking

Here are some national health statistics that should frighten you out of your chair: Our western sedentary lifestyle is responsible for an estimated $24 billion in direct medical spending. Physical inactivity is responsible for almost 200,000 or 1 in 10 deaths each year. Diabetes accounts for more than $98 billion in direct and indirect medical

The future of vision

Check out these “telescopic” contact lenses. Could they be the vision of the future? (Credit: Optics Express) Researchers are developing these contacts  that can let you see much farther than the human eye was designed to do: The lens experiment came about through DARPA-funded research into vision enhancement devices for soldiers. What the researchers developed