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Robot Fights Brain Clots

August 29, 2013 Cheryl Perkins No Comments » Biotechnology

MashableThe field of robotics is a fascinating one to me. For instance, if you check out 9 Robotic Inventions That Are Already Among Us, you’ll see everything from convenience to life-saving innovations.  Brain clots are leading cause of death and disability, and the odds of a person getting an intracerebral hemorrhage are one in 50 over his or her lifetime. Those who suvive clots have serious brain damage, and 40 percent of the individuals die within a month.  Now an invention developed at Vanderbilt University that relieves brain pressure via robot.

When a person has a blood clot in certain parts of the brain, surgeons must weigh the pros and cons of whether going its removal is worth the potential damage that might occur to the surrounding tissue. That delicate dilemma is why researchers at Vanderbilt University have designed a special robot that could suction away blood clots, while minimizing damage to the brain.

The university said this new robotic surgical system uses “steerable needles” that can go around corners and reach places where surgeons previously couldn’t easily access. With a surgeon’s guidance, the robot makes a very small opening in the brain and then can be guided using medical imaging (e.g. CT scans). Then, the needles can reach right into a brain hemorrhage and suck out the blood clot from within.


Book your spot for CoDev 2014!

August 23, 2013 Cheryl Perkins No Comments » Conferences


It’s never too early to start planning ahead, and that’s why, as chair of CoDev 2014, I’m inviting you to register early for best savings! This year’s event is: CoDev2014: Connected for Growth, where you can count on having multiple opportunities to connect informally with speakers, attendees and open innovation tool providers as you look to build a more robust open innovation network.  I hope you will join us for this highly regarded annual forum.

January 27 – 29 in Scottsdale, Ariz.

Now in its 13th iteration, the annual Open Innovation & Co-Development Congress, CoDev2014: Connected for Growth,  is highly acclaimed for its consistent ability to bring together top experts, advanced practitioners and leading thought leaders to uncover, discuss and map out the latest trends, obstacles and successes in achieving growth through open innovation. Whether you’re just getting your open innovation strategy under way or you’re a seasoned practitioner that wants to learn how early adopters have integrated their open innovation strategy into their portfolio and innovation processes, CoDev2014 offers critical learning and networking opportunities for those in charge of getting more from their open innovation investments.

EARLY BIRD SAVINGS – Register by September 13th and save $300

Conference Highlights:

Keynote presentations by:

  • Randall Wright, Senior Liaison Officer, MIT Industrial Liaison Program, on the process of innovation that takes place at MIT and how to capitalize on it.
  • Afterburner Fighter Pilots discussing their model for flawless execution in a rapidly changing, challenging and sometimes hostile environment and how to apply this model to corporate innovation.
  • Phillip R. Nixon, Executive Director, Drug Product Technology & Innovation Lead, Pfizer, Inc. on alliance best practices, a pharmaceutical perspective.

All new case presentations from advanced practitioners including:

  • David Allen, Executive Director, Tech Launch Arizona
  • Paul France, VP, Open Innovation, MeadWestvaco
  • Adriano Jorge, Open Innovation Manager, Natura
  • Tara Korkowski, External Innovation Manager, H.B. Fuller
  • John Onderko, Licensing Manager, Kimberly-Clark Corporation
  • Dan Pike, VP of Business Development, SalesForce4Hire

Half-day Pre-Conference Workshops:

Please note that workshop attendance is limited and early registration is encouraged.  Be sure to register early to ensure your top choice for sessions. For more details and to register, call 800.338.2223 or 781.891.8080 or reserve online.  See you in Scottsdale!


“How laundry detergent became a catalyst for green innovation”

August 19, 2013 Cheryl Perkins No Comments » Cool Inventions and gadgets
A boy collects plastic materials near a polluted coastline to sell in Manila, the Philippines. A US-based startup, Method, uses discarded plastic it gathers from the ocean to make bottles for its products. It's already changed the laundry detergent industry by introducing concentrated liquids that are much better for the environment. Cheryl Ravelo/Reuters/File

A boy collects plastic materials near a polluted coastline to sell in Manila, the Philippines. A US-based startup, Method, uses discarded plastic it gathers from the ocean to make bottles for its products. It’s already changed the laundry detergent industry by introducing concentrated liquids that are much better for the environment.
Cheryl Ravelo/Reuters/File

I came across this fascinating interview with Adam Lowry, co-founder of Method, a company that has pioneered environmentally friendly cleaning products. He explains how his small firm is nudging large corporations toward sustainability.   I thought I’d share a snippet of the story, then encourage you to read the entire article:

Adam Lowry is the co-founder and “chief greenskeeper” of Method, a small but rapidly growing company that has been a leader in the field of manufacturing environmentally friendly cleaning and personal care products. Indeed, it was Method that pioneered the use of concentrated laundry detergent, an innovation that has been embraced by all the giant brands and has had significant environmental benefits by reducing use of plastic and slashing transportation costs.

Read it here:

FastCompany’s most innovative companies

August 14, 2013 Cheryl Perkins No Comments » Financial Trends

Courtesy: FastCompany

In case you missed it, FastCompany has come out with its annual list of the most innovative companies of 2013. Some of them you’ve heard of (Nike, Amazon), and others you may not have.

The magazine’s guide has a distinct focus on the state of innovation in our economy, featuring the businesses whose innovations are having the greatest impacts across their industries and our culture as a whole.

Check it out here.

Hiring the perfect employee sometimes takes a mindreader!

August 11, 2013 Cheryl Perkins No Comments » Cool Inventions and gadgets

Are you a recruiter or a hiring manager? Imagine being able to really get inside your job candidates’ brains to find the most suitable applicant. two middle east nations are ramping up the weeding out process.  Israel’s BBR Saatchi & Saatchi IL ad agency has  come up with an innovative recruitment process that puts applicants through a stringent questioning while they are playing Diablo III, and now TBWA\Istanbul is turning to EEG technology in its AdLove initiative, to find the most passionate potential interns.

The media agency received 503 applications for its five internship positions. While watching the videos of well-loved commercial ads, applicants were asked to wear an EEG headset that monitored the electrical activity of the brain. A neurotechnology expert then determines the candidates who have the greatest emotional reaction to the ads. The video below explains more about the project:

Source:  TBWA\ISTANBUL AdLove Project English from TBWA\ISTANBUL on Vimeo.

Haute cuisine fast food?

August 9, 2013 Cheryl Perkins No Comments » Food & Restaurant trends

CaptureA California startup, SpoonRocket, is providing affordable haute cuisine in fast-food style, with a delivery time of around ten minutes.

The price-point is similar to typical fast food restaurants and the additional option of quick, free delivery tells me this company will most likely change the way people think about the industry, proving that speedy customer service can be matched with healthy, organic food.

With a simple menu – one dish for vegetarians and one for meat eaters (both at $6), the customers are already buzzing about the model. SpoonRocket gets its food from local organic, free-range and growth hormone-free sources, plus gourmet recipes. The flexible menu allows customers to expect their food to be delivered to their door within ten minutes, with a text sent to let them know when the driver will arrive.


Ultraviolet disinfection for infection prevention, Healthcare opportunities and application trends

August 3, 2013 Cheryl Perkins No Comments » Speaking Engagements


As infection rates continue to remain high in healthcare facilities globally, placing patients and workers at great continued risk, there will be an increased demand for effective solutions to combat and control the spread of infectious pathogens throughout facilities.

 Innovationedge invites you to a one-time event:

“Panel discussion on Ultraviolet disinfection for  infection prevention, Healthcare opportunities and application trends”

Event Details:

Date: September 21, 2013 – 2:00pm – 5:00pm
Location: Mirage Hotel – Las Vegas $125.00 per person
Event Type: Symposium
Ultraviolet based disinfection technologies have the potential to create cost effective products and solutions enabling new and improved germicidal interventions. Such approaches would sever key pathogen transmission pathways that cause the infections leading to lowered infection rates and cost containment.

As a result, the market for a range of ultraviolet-based pathogen reduction technologies could potential grow at a rapid pace to address the needs of infection prevention health professionals and hospital managers. Additionally, there could be opportunities for novel real-time monitoring techniques that would provide disinfection assurance data to infection prevention managers and hospital administrators helping them further improve operational efficiencies. Come hear these cutting-edge solutions!
The panel will address:
  • How should ultraviolet disinfection be used?
  • What off-the-shelf technology can be utilized today?
  • What new technology will this require to provide effective and creative solutions?
  • What market opportunities will this create?
  • What demonstration projects and user trials will be required for adoption?
  • What results should the infection prevention community expect from widespread ultraviolet technology use?
  • What level of cooperation is required among suppliers and IUVA members in order to promote adoption?
The panel of global experts in Ultraviolet Light and Infection Prevention will explore these issues and shed light on the potential of this important application area and its ramifications for lowering healthcare associated infection rates.

Make plans to attend this important discussion while you are attending the IUVA-IOA World Congress, September 22-26 in Las Vegas.  
See you in Las Vegas!
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Winning with disruptive and incremental innovation

August 1, 2013 Cheryl Perkins No Comments » Conferences
I am excited to invite you to this year’s annual Consumer Goods Growth & Innovation Forum, the only event dedicated specifically to the new product process in the CG industry, is designed for executives who understand the importance of creating new brands and services and building brand loyalty. Through a variety of educational sessions and networking opportunities, attendees will gain strategic insight into and actionable information on topics that will help drive innovation throughout their businesses!   Sign up today !

We’re titling this year’s outstanding event, “Winning with disruptive and incremental innovation.”

I am especially pleased to announce the panel event I am personally hosting this year: Understanding Process, Tools & Capabilities with Incremental and Disruptive Innovation Strategies.

Rob Everett

John Kittle

With me on the panel is:

Rob Everett, Advanced Research Leader, Global Innovation Center / Korea, Kimberly-Clark Corporation and John Kittle, Vice President, Business Planning & Insight, Popcorn Indiana.

These are innovation experts who have achieved new product success through both Incremental and Disruptive innovation strategies. The discussion will include perspectives on the processes, tools, and capabilities that these large, or small-but-nimble brand owners have mastered.



Who Should Attend: 

  •  President/CEO
  • CIOs
  • Innovation Executives
  • VP/SVP/Director of Marketing
  • SVP/VP/Director of Research and Development
  • COOs
  • CMOs
  • New Product Development Executives
  • MIS, IS, IT, Technology

See you in Miami!