Robot Fights Brain Clots

The field of robotics is a fascinating one to me. For instance, if you check out 9 Robotic Inventions That Are Already Among Us, you’ll see everything from convenience to life-saving innovations.  Brain clots are leading cause of death and disability, and the odds of a person getting an intracerebral hemorrhage are one in 50 over

Book your spot for CoDev 2014!

It’s never too early to start planning ahead, and that’s why, as chair of CoDev 2014, I’m inviting you to register early for best savings! This year’s event is: CoDev2014: Connected for Growth, where you can count on having multiple opportunities to connect informally with speakers, attendees and open innovation tool providers as you look

FastCompany’s most innovative companies

In case you missed it, FastCompany has come out with its annual list of the most innovative companies of 2013. Some of them you’ve heard of (Nike, Amazon), and others you may not have. The magazine’s guide has a distinct focus on the state of innovation in our economy, featuring the businesses whose innovations are

Haute cuisine fast food?

A California startup, SpoonRocket, is providing affordable haute cuisine in fast-food style, with a delivery time of around ten minutes. The price-point is similar to typical fast food restaurants and the additional option of quick, free delivery tells me this company will most likely change the way people think about the industry, proving that speedy customer

Ultraviolet disinfection for infection prevention, Healthcare opportunities and application trends

As infection rates continue to remain high in healthcare facilities globally, placing patients and workers at great continued risk, there will be an increased demand for effective solutions to combat and control the spread of infectious pathogens throughout facilities.  Innovationedge invites you to a one-time event: “Panel discussion on Ultraviolet disinfection for  infection prevention, Healthcare

Winning with disruptive and incremental innovation

I am excited to invite you to this year’s annual Consumer Goods Growth & Innovation Forum, the only event dedicated specifically to the new product process in the CG industry, is designed for executives who understand the importance of creating new brands and services and building brand loyalty. Through a variety of educational sessions and