Running outside the box!

I’m sharing what some will tell you is one of the best motivational speeches ever. Croix Sather is a remarkable innovator who thinks outside the box and inspires many.  He recently appeared on TedTalks, telling the story of his run across America, and how he was able to push through the pain and challenges of

Cheryl Perkins at CGT – Interview!

Check out the interview I did at the CGT Growth an Innovation Forum! It was a fantastic turnout, and I enjoyed collaborating with some of the most innovative thought leaders in the world. The content at this year’s CG Growth & Innovation Forum was more conceptualized than in previous years, structured specifically around Incremental Innovation and

Drawing innovation to Hong Kong

This Innovation tower being built in Hong Kong is remarkable. The building is almost finished, and will add extra space to the design school at Polytechnic University. The project is intended to help turn Hong Kong into a leading design hub in Asia, and I believe it will accomplish its goal. Design42Day, a site that showcases