Thoughts from CoDev 2014

How do you integrate Open Innovation in companies? First, we have to realize that every business has its own culture, it’s own brand and its own “DNA” if you will. I’ve recently come back from CoDev2014, and shared some thoughts there. In the next few posts, I will pass along some of the insights I

Tapping into convenience

This gadget may seem a little cumbersome. At least that’s what I thought when I first saw this. But it does point to an increasing desire for the development of automation, in which everything can be controlled by one or two devices. Post by InnovationEdge.

Trailblazing Women!

I am humbled and pleased to be included in this group of local women who have used their talents, wisdom, strengths (and yes, even weaknesses!), to create concrete inroads for women in industries where there had been but few paths before them.  The cover photo is especially beautiful and striking. I’ve known Joyce Bytof for