Could the future be beneath your feet?

I saw this a few weeks ago and found that the idea of leveraging our real estate below ground level is an intriguing one. I’ve travelled to cities around the world where, due to smog levels, governments and companies are exploring cleaner spaces below. In cities with high pollution levels, like Hong Kong and Beijing,

12 innovation lessons for 2014

I recently shared FastCompany’s most innovative companies to watch in 2014, and along with that, there are some lessons learned that these companies have shared.  Many of these you’ve heard me talk about in the past, and as I work with clients I am continually finding new ways to hone these lessons for the specific

Good news for creatives

If your company depends on its “creatives,” or those who excel when allowed to exercise their talents and imaginations in perhaps more out-of-the-box ways, then you might want to make sure those team members are energized and unhampered from things that might stifle their productivity. After all, their contributions will help keep your business performing

Should companies be more introvert-friendly?

Do you have a mix of introverts and extroverts in your company?  Here’s an article that suggests maybe it’s not introverts that need to change the way they fit into an organization, but the organization that needs to change how it treats introverts. What do you think? Post by InnovationEdge.