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Chinese company builds homes with giant 3D printer

April 30, 2014 Cheryl Perkins No Comments » Cool videos

Chinese company WinSun Decoration Design Engineering can build 10 houses in one day by using 3D-printed blocks. The builders are constructing  cheap and quickly assembled homes as a possible solution to the urgent problem of modernizing housing conditions in Chinese villages. The blocks are made from common construction waste:  a mixture of sand, glass fiber and concrete.

The company is building the houses in Shanghai using four giant 3D printers, which are each 33 feet wide and 22 feet high. They produce a mix of cement and construction waste to construct the walls layer by layer.

Here is the video:

Each approximately 2,100 square-foot building costs less than $5,000 to construct. The houses’ components are checked for quality as they are being erected because there are no building codes yet for 3D-printing construction in China.

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A self-driving car by 2015?

April 28, 2014 Cheryl Perkins No Comments » Cool videos

Imagine a car that can drive itself – as in no human intervention – on busy city streets!  Google is making this happen. The story is below this video, which I found to be very well done. I am less nervous after watching it:

Google is testing its self-driving cars on the streets of its headquarters’ hometown of Mountain View, Calif. As seen in the video above, the cars can make driving decisions based on what’s happening around them in real time, such as slowing down for jaywalking pedestrians and cars that sneak out of hidden driveways.

“A mile of city driving is much more complex than a mile of freeway driving, with hundreds of different objects moving according to different rules of the road in a small area,” wrote Chris Urmson, director of the self-driving car project. “We’ve improved our software so it can detect hundreds of distinct objects simultaneously — pedestrians, buses, a stop sign held up by a crossing guard, or a cyclist making gestures that indicate a possible turn.

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A hospital door handle that sanitizes your hands!

April 25, 2014 Cheryl Perkins No Comments » Cool Inventions and gadgets

We know that hygiene is a major issue for hospitals. You can’t go far in a hospital without seeing the handy sanitizer dispensers that enable doctors and visitors to easily wash their hands and prevent the spread of bacteria. Now PullClean is offering an innovative solution combining sanitizers and door handles, and helping hospital users to wash each time they enter and exit a room:

The main part of the PullClean system is the door handle, which features a built-in hand sanitizer dispenser that can easily be pressed at the same time as the door is pulled open. By combining the action of pulling and pressing, the two tasks are then indelibly linked in the mind, increasing the rate of hand washing and impeding the spread of hospital-acquired infections.

However, the handles also come with a smart fob that is also attached to each door. The fob detects each time the door is opened and each time sanitizer is dispensed. Hospital managers can then plug the fob into their computer via USB, upload the data to their PullClean account and see how often users are washing their hands, as well as whether the sanitizer needs replacing.

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Brazilian company helps poor with transportation costs

April 21, 2014 Cheryl Perkins No Comments » Crowdsourcing

I put this in a category of innovation that has more to do with benevolence than my usual posts about technology or cutting-edge industry news. Because sometimes innovative ideas are simple and kind. And if they are repeatable, that’s a great thing!

Kudos to Mark+, the company that created Troco Coletivo — which translates as Payback Collective — a new initiative which enables commuters to leave their small change at bus stops or on buses so the less wealthy can use it to travel.

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The future of a digital cashless society?

April 17, 2014 Cheryl Perkins No Comments » Cool videos

After seeing this bracelet, you may look at your checkbook or even your online billpay system as archaic and inconvenient.  Right now this bracelet appears to be in the imagination stage, but it’s sure to get the attention of a financial or tech corporation. Check out the design blog here.

“Triia” is shown as a secure payment bracelet, which acts like a wallet for your digital cash. In this scenario, your fingers tell the account what to do, and it will require users to learn a few easy movements.  Could this be the future of payments for everyone?

Check out the Triia video:

The inventor states on his website that the bracelet is secure in that it is a part of you and therefore more difficult to forget, lose or steal. You put money on the bracelet with your mobile phone or computer, and it uses the vein patterns around your wrist to identify you.

An interesting thought. Will it fly?

Leapfrogging your innovation!

April 11, 2014 Cheryl Perkins No Comments » Guest Bloggers

frogI wanted to highlight some work with one of our partners innovator Soren Kaplan. In the months ahead we are going to be sharing more information on LeapFrogging. Soren has written an award-winning and bestselling book that shows how any organization or internal business function can “change the game.”

That’s exactly what Innovationedge and Soren will be doing in our partnership to deliver the tools to help business leaders embrace uncertainty, rather than avoid it! We’ll be helping clients create new products, services and business models.

This month Soren is our guest writer, and he has penned a brilliant article (originally posted over at Innovation Excellence). Here is a sampling of that piece: 

How do you measure innovation?                       

SorenBy Soren Kaplan

Because innovation is now a widely recognized critical requirement for virtually all companies across all industries, the metrics imperative is here. Leaders must establish a new breed of metrics that move beyond conventional measures and that:

  • Create an organizational culture that supports and drives strategic innovation
  • Establish critical capabilities tuned to the evolving competitive business landscape
  • Evaluate innovation efforts to ensure both return on investment and support feedback loops of learning and improvement
  • Drive profitable growth

A Framework for Innovation Metrics

The best solutions create simplicity from complexity. Assuming that successful innovation results from the synergies between complementary success factors, it is important to address these by:

  • Creating a “family of metrics” for ensuring a well-rounded portfolio of measures
  • Including both “input metrics” and “output metrics” to ensure measures that drive resource allocation and capability building, as well as return on investment

A “family of metrics” ensures a portfolio of measures that cover the most important innovation drivers.  The following are the three categories to consider for any metrics portfolio:

Return on Investment Metrics

ROI metrics address two measures: resource investments and financial returns. ROI metrics give innovation management fiscal discipline and help justify and recognize the value of strategic initiatives, programs and the overall investment in innovation.

Organizational Capability Metrics

Organizational capability metrics focus on the infrastructure and process of innovation. Capability measures provide focus for initiatives geared toward building repeatable and sustainable approaches to invention and re-invention.

Leadership Metrics

Leadership metrics address the behaviors that senior managers and leaders must exhibit to support a culture of innovation within the organization, including the support of specific growth initiatives.

Within each of these categories, there are “input metrics” and “output metrics.” Input metrics are the investments, resources and behaviors that are necessary to drive results. Output metrics represent the desired results for the metric category.

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Hot News: Innovationedge featured in CGT’s “2020 Imperative”

April 7, 2014 Cheryl Perkins No Comments » Culture of Innovation

Those who follow the latest trends in the future of innovation know that Consumer Goods Technology is a go-to hub for all things cutting edge in where many industries are heading. CGT’s expertise is second to none in my opinion, which is why I am thrilled and honored to play a role in the brand new, hot-off-the-presses publication titled, The 2020 Imperative.


Check out my article! I will be sharing it here on this blog soon, but you can get a sneak peek: Download your copy here.

Oshkosh Event: Innovation Management

April 1, 2014 Cheryl Perkins No Comments » Conferences, Events, Speaking Engagements

Oshkosh event april 16

Innovation is in demand, but can only be successful if properly managed. Join Cheryl Perkins for this program, and learn how to leverage internal and external capabilities to accelerate delivery of results. Leave this session with a better understanding of what innovation management is and its enablers. You will also learn the role that leadership and culture play in innovation, and which organization and partnership models truly support it.

Program fee: $30

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