Experimental road lights the way

This sounds like a great idea with many other applications. What do you think? Glow in the dark roads sound like science fiction, and unfortunately, at least for the moment they are being banished back into that realm. An experiment in the Netherlands with self illuminating roads has been shelved for the time being, because

THINC! Innovation Awards

A lot of thought leaders focus on those who make national headlines for their innovation efforts. Big-name corporations are continually coming up with new ideas and new products, but we also need to look in our own backyards and recognize the incredible ingenuity coming from local and regional companies near to us. I am fortunate

A cool drink!

A book you can drink safely from? Yes! Lack of access to clean water is a massive global problem, especially because many of those affected end up drinking unsafe water and don’t realize it’s bad for them. The University of Virginia has previously made efforts to help with its PureMadi filter, which can be made

3D-printed makeup?

We’ve already seen 3D printing enable consumers to create their own jewelry courtesy of startups such as Zazzy in the Netherlands. But what about cosmetics? Mink is a 3D printer that lets anyone print their own makeup by choosing a color from their computer.   Read more here: Post by InnovationEdge.

An invention and an inspiring story of Sam Berns

I recently caught a Ted Talks presentation featuring 17-year-old Sam Berns, a young man with a terrible and rare disease. But he didn’t let his debilitating situation define his short life. Sam died a few months ago, but his incredible journey has inspired millions around the world. I share this on my blog because one

Billboards reduce pollution

Here is a great idea that we’ve talked about before. More and more innovation companies around the world are working to curb the amount of air pollution – smog – that expose people to harmful toxins that can lead to lung disease. A massive billboard has been created by  Lima, Peru–based engineering college UTEC. Last year,