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Graphene will transform your gadgets and your life

June 30, 2014 Cheryl Perkins No Comments » Cool videos

300px-GraphenGraphene is an amazing material that will soon transform our gadgets to be thinner, more durable, and help us surf online 100 times faster.

Imagine something so thin – a million times thinner than paper, according to the American Physical Society.
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Graphene is really pushing the frontiers of what could be – make that what WILL be!

Juno Power your smartphone to jumpstart your car

June 28, 2014 Cheryl Perkins No Comments » Cool Inventions and gadgets

Imagine jump-starting your dead car battery – with your smartphone! JUNOJUMPR is one smartphone accessory in the form of a portable charger, that can also be used to jumpstart a car in the case of a breakdown.  It costs about  $70. Here’s more via the Auto Blog:

Image via Junopower

Image via Junopower

Since we carry and deal with more and more items that need batteries, we have to figure out better and mobile ways of charging those batteries – at least until John Galt arrives and shows us how to harness electricity from the air. In the meantime, the Jumpr from Juno Power is one of those chargers trying to make our lives easier by being able to both charge your small portable electronic devices as well as your car battery.

There’s a 6,000 mAh battery in that sky blue case, which Juno Power says is also good for a 12-volt boost at 300 amps. The company says it’s robust enough “to jumpstart almost all four-cylinder and six-cylinder engines,” but in case you’re wondering how 300 amps can run safely through those tender cables in the image above, it’s possible that Juno Power is playing casual with the meaning of “jumpstart;” elsewhere on the product page we’re told that the Jumpr ” is capable of jumping a completely dead car battery in minutes.” So it sounds like this is less of a jump for your car and more of a series of quick, restorative hops of electricity – or, in other words, something we call “charging.”   SOURCE



The U.S. ranks seventh in the world in high speed Internet connections

June 25, 2014 Cheryl Perkins No Comments » Emerging markets

An Internet security services firm puts the U.S. at 7th  in terms of internet connections, according to the Wall Street Journal . It’s interesting to see that smaller nations such as Latvia and Belgium rank higher with connections that are 10 mbps or higher. Check it out here:

The social value of people

June 23, 2014 Cheryl Perkins No Comments » Consumer "Identity"

Wiki Commons free photoMost corporations and their stockholders who are struggling might believe that they are in business to make money. But those forward-thinking businesses that are thriving right now know that it’s about much more than that. It’s about the social value of people.

I work with clients around the world to help them understand how to think differently about customers and consumers in order to deliver game-changing innovation to the world. Here is a great article from Harvard Business Review underscoring that fact, that society and people are not afterthoughts or inputs to be used and discarded but are core to their purpose:

How Great Companies Think Differently

A thought-controlled artificial hand restores feeling

June 19, 2014 Cheryl Perkins No Comments » Cool videos
Image courtesy of

Image courtesy of

Some of the most incredible innovation is coming in the realm of prosthetics.  Artificial limbs have advanced to the point now that we can make fingers work simply by using our minds.

Recently, a team of Swiss and Italian researches developed the  LifeHand 2, which is a first-of-its-kind artificial hand that restores a sense of touch to patients with a missing limb.  Here’s how describes it:

The limb is wired up to electrodes implanted into the nerves at the point of amputation to allow easy control with no more than a thought. While still in the experimental stages, this new type of prosthetic could allow amputees to more easily lift and manipulate objects without having to carefully watch their every move.   (read more: Thought-Controlled Robotic Arm Returns the Sense of Touch to Amputees)

Here is a video on what this can do:

Where to live and work

June 16, 2014 Cheryl Perkins No Comments » Financial Trends

In the United States, there are a lot of surveys taken each year as to the safest cities, the best places to feel relaxed, the towns where your money stretches furthest, and so on. But where are the best metro areas to work?  According to Glassdoor’s second annual Employment Satisfaction Report Card, there are certain companies and certain cities that rank the best for employee satisfaction, compensation and benefits.

Here are some of the best places to live and work, via Fast Company:

Five Tech-Trends That Are Changing the Game

June 13, 2014 Cheryl Perkins No Comments » Culture of Innovation

How will technology like 3D Printing, “Big Data” and other internet phenomenon affect the way companies innovate?

My friend Robert Tucker and I go way back, and I am sharing a recent article he penned about future innovation trends. Do any of these excite you? Concern you?

Five Tech-Trends That Are Changing the Game

images-1In 10 years, over 40 percent of the Fortune 500 will no longer be around. By 2020, more than three fourths of the S&P 500 will be organizations that we have not heard of yet. Predictions like these are common. What if they turn out to be correct?

That’s the question I’ve been pondering since speaking at IBM’s Big Data Conference in Toronto last week. IBM is making a big push into analytics, and the field is taking off. Since their near-death experience in the ‘90s, when the market shifted away from mainframes and the company was caught flat-footed, IBM has done an exemplary job of embracing marketplace shifts. They’ve also gotten better at shedding. They sold off parts of their business (such as their PC division, and most recently their server division) to focus on higher value work such as Big Data. Clearly, this shedding and embracing skill is one that all firms will need to master in order to survive in the Age of Disruption.

How to do this is the question. Start by tracking the trends, especially technological, which are the fastest moving. Below are five that my team and I have been monitoring of late. Whether you’re with a small or mid-sized business, or a huge multinational, as you read thru these five tech megatrends, ask yourself: what might we need to shed (or stop doing) to take advantage of this development? And what do we need to embrace (or start doing) to capitalize off this trend?

Read the rest of the article here:

Transforming the Front-End of Innovation: a New Digital Paradigm

June 4, 2014 Cheryl Perkins No Comments » Conferences

I am pleased to be participating in an upcoming live web event that I am sure you will find helpful for front-end innovation insights:

These days everything we do in the innovation realm is influenced and powered by digital technology. It is redefining the way new ideas are explored, gathered, evaluated, and promoted;  impacting culture and processes as well as challenging legal frameworks. I’ll be part of a roundtable discussion that will address huge challenges we all face in this new frontier. I hope you can join me for fresh perspectives on:

  1. How to increase the volume of high-quality new ideas entering the organization in an efficient manner without increasing costs or requiring expensive expert resources.
  2. How to recognize which cultural elements to act upon in order to be ready for digital transformations. What cultural treats keep prevailing cultures moving forward?
  3. How to deal with intellectual property and freedom-to-operate challenges that arise in new digital environments.
  4. How to define holistic strategies for innovation programs which take transformational digital elements into account.

Some other takeaways I’m sure you’ll enjoy:

  1. Learn how new digital technologies are transforming the front-end of innovation.
  2. Learn how to deal with pressing IP issues in the existing, as well as the emerging, open innovation environments.
  3. Get valuable insights and best practices for building holistic strategies and processes which will benefit from the emerging digital environments.

Check out the rest of the panel of experts who are thought leaders in our industry and join me on June 19th!