Changing “Made in China”: Will it make a difference?

I think this is extremely interesting for those who follow retail and manufacturing trends. It’s a problem of innovation that has bedevilled numerous Chinese industries, but in particular its automotive companies, which have struggled with quality, consumer trust and an inability to compete with the imaginations of more developed countries. Today’s cover: How “made in

Measuring your Open Innovation Strategy

Open innovation is the go-to strategy of the decade! As leaders try to be more innovative in the workplace, they look to external partners, universities and their networks to meet their growing demands for innovation across all areas of their business. I believe that open innovation is the strategy that will determine whether or not

The Cloud’s Bright Future

“There are expected to be 28 billion connected devices by 2020. We’ll need the computing scale that only the cloud can provide to learn from them.” I’d say that is good advice! Via Forbes: Cloud computing has been underestimated as a transformative force in business. And it’s just getting started. The disruption that cloud computing