Funding cuts impact the magic of new science

This is an Op-ed story from USA Today that caught my eye for a number of reasons. Yes, deep budget cuts will always impact research and development projects, whether at the federal level or in your own company. Scientific discovery isn’t free most of the time. Secondly, this piece contains a lot of interesting links

Green innovators make the grade

Who are the most innovative leaders creating green solutions that are sustainable?  I found this list of 20 interesting Eco Innovators from Food Tank: Jamila Abass—Abass is co-founder of M-Farm, a technology tool for smallholder farmers to receive information on the retail price of their products in Kenya. Farmers use SMS to buy farm inputs

Farm to Fork

  Earlier this year I had the opportunity to sit on a judging panel for Velocity Academy with Alex Tyink, Program Leader for Goodwill Grows. Velocity Academy is a project-based learning program at Shattuck Middle School in Neenah, designed to engage students who have a difficult time in regular classrooms. Alex was working with the

Innovation clues helps local hospital innovate

Last week we took part in a creative thought leadership session with a local hospital: Pat Clusman, Chief Operating Officer, Innovationedge and Steve Tyink, Miron Construction, led a kick-off session on Leading Game Changing Innovation for the leadership team at Holy Family Memorial Hospital in Manitowoc. With many of the leaders present contributing to the