Green innovators make the grade

Who are the most innovative leaders creating green solutions that are sustainable?  I found this list of 20 interesting Eco Innovators from Food Tank: Jamila Abass—Abass is co-founder of M-Farm, a technology tool for smallholder farmers to receive information on the retail price of their products in Kenya. Farmers use SMS to buy farm inputs

Farm to Fork

  Earlier this year I had the opportunity to sit on a judging panel for Velocity Academy with Alex Tyink, Program Leader for Goodwill Grows. Velocity Academy is a project-based learning program at Shattuck Middle School in Neenah, designed to engage students who have a difficult time in regular classrooms. Alex was working with the

Innovation clues helps local hospital innovate

Last week we took part in a creative thought leadership session with a local hospital: Pat Clusman, Chief Operating Officer, Innovationedge and Steve Tyink, Miron Construction, led a kick-off session on Leading Game Changing Innovation for the leadership team at Holy Family Memorial Hospital in Manitowoc. With many of the leaders present contributing to the