Older consumers are generally more brand loyal while millennials seek innovation

Targeting innovation-hungry millennials?  We ought not forget our more established customers, who tend to purchase their tried and true products. Here is an interesting article I found by Andrew McDougal on Cosmetics Design- Europe. He writes that while there is a big focus on attracting millennials who seek innovation right now, older consumers’ preferences become

Unilever, Walgreens Team Up for Social Impact

Never before have we seen partnerships lead to so many new creative and lucrative experiences for consumers and the businesses themselves, especially where social media and crowdsourcing are involved. Check out this report from our friends at Consumer Goods Technology (CGT): Unilever and Walgreens have joined forces for the first time with Me to We to provide

Emerging Markets Growth to Continue for Heineken

Our friends at Consumer Goods Technology (CGT) report: Jean-François van Boxmeer, chief executive of Heineken, the world’s third largest brewer, told CNBC that he expected to see continued sales growth in emerging markets, despite the occasional “hiccup” in the future. Heineken reported higher first-half results than markets expected as it increased profit in all regions except Africa and