Looking to Asia to innovate

I do quite a bit of travel to China for speaking engagements as well as other Asian innovation hotspots, and I can tell you that some of the most forward-thinking innovators are blazing trails that corporations in the West will soon follow.  Forbes recently highlighted the innovative culture and opportunities there, in a new article

How do you face down disruption?

One thing I’ve learned as an entrepreneur and business consultant: Nothing ever stays the same. What succeeded for your company five years ago most likely is no longer working today. Why? Because the playing field has changed while you were basking in success. And it always does. My friend Robert Tucker writes about facing down

The Best Leaders Are Constant Learners

I completely agree with the notion that leaders must always be learning new things. If a leader is not learning, he or she is not leading – and certainly not innovating. Of course there are many ways to continually feed your mind: reading, seminars, online courses, going back to school, etc.  How are you feeding

Is the Corporate Communications paradigm shifting?

Like just about every corporate sacred cow, the idea of companies always needing a corporate communications department has been questioned – and re-thought. One reason might be headcount, another might be social media trends. But Wendy Marx over at Fast Company says the rules are changing because the challenges communicators face are very different than

Bringing Science to the Art of Strategy

This is an inspiring article, and challenges all of us to think outside our innovation box: Many managers feel they are doomed to weigh the futile rigor of ordinary strategic planning processes against the hit-or-miss creativity of the alternatives. We believe the two can be reconciled to produce creative but realistic strategies. The key is

Homework for Health: About your cholesterol…

Innovationedge has been working with Ann Liebeskind, a Fox Cities physician in northeast Wisconsin specializing in the Lipids (Cholesterol Management) field. Through Ann, we learned that the National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute, and the American Academy of Pediatrics updated their guidelines and recommended screening all kids for cholesterol problems. The guidelines are a step in the right direction