Are you a “COCO?

I’m working with CLEAR™ VIEW to help bring together COCOs from across multiple companies, industries, functional disciplines, geographies, and organizational levels for a three day in-residence session this summer. What is a “COCO”?  I’m glad you asked! COCO is an acronym for Chief Organizational Capability Officers (COCOs), who are tasked with driving business performance through

CLEAR™ VIEW: Driving Business Performance through Organizational Capability

Business and organizational transformation are among the most urgent needs facing today’s leaders, as they prepare to address future trends and challenges. Responsibility for making organizations more agile, innovative, resilient, and “capable” is increasingly becoming a multi-disciplinary leadership role. With that in mind, CLEAR(TM) Institute is offering the inaugural CLEAR(TM)VIEW program, providing a 360 learning

Are you listening to your customers?

Thanks to technology and automation, more corporations are losing the “voice of the customer” rather than invest in human ears to listen to those who make or break our businesses. How can we be smarter about hearing what our customers have to say, and then acting on those complaints, suggestions and nuggets of insights? My

Big Data’s Impact On Cancer Research

I’ve lost many dear friends and beloved family members to cancer. But technology and innovation gives me hope that someday there will be a cure. Here’s a healthcare use case from Innovation Enterprise: Big Data’s Impact On Cancer Research Though significant advancements have been made in the past decade, cancer continues to be a devastating

How we pay

How will we pay for things in the future?  How about with a “selfie?” Already we are swiping and chipping in ways no one could have predicted a decade ago. The technology is moving fast, but our imaginations are even faster! Check out this interesting article: The Future Of Payments: From heartbeat monitoring bracelets to

Crowdsourcing innovation

James Gardner, the Chief Technology Officer of Spigit, recently reminded folks that there will always be reminders around us that even giants can fall: some of us will forever feel a small pang each time we pass a Blockbuster-turned-donut shop, its iconic, ticket-stub signage now stripped and faded – a relic. What’s the solution? Tap into