Innovative earbuds can translate languages in real-time

This is an amazing story:

Science Alert says: “As anybody who’s ever tried to get by in a foreign country without much grasp of the local language can tell you, oversized hand gestures and speaking English loudly and slowly will only get you so far.

But a nifty new wearable technology could soon make conversing with people from other cultures a much easier affair, with New York City-based startup Waverly Labs about to release what they’re claiming is the world’s first ‘smart’ earpiece that translates between users speaking different languages.”


Dubbed the Pilot, the earpiece is shaped much like a regular earbud, but comes without any wires or cables. It sits in your ear, and even without an internet connection – pretty handy, especially for people travelling overseas – it translates words being spoken to you in another language on the fly. You can get an idea of what the process looks like in the promo video below.

Screen Shot 2016-05-19 at 9.17.06 AMIn other words, it’s pretty much the exact technological equivalent of the Babel fish from Douglas Adams’ The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy – except it’s sadly limited to Earth-based languages and won’t be able to translate any alien words for you.

But as long as it’s human tongues you’re interested in, the Pilot looks to have you pretty well covered. The initial release, which is expected to launch next week on Indiegogo – although shipped products might not make their way to you until later in the year – comes with English, Spanish, French, and Italian. Waverly Labs says other languages will also be available soon, including Hindi, Arabic, East Asian and Slavic languages.

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New tablet accessory is gripping the competition!

This month Insight Magazine did a feature article on an invention our client, TecDriven, and it’s exciting new product, TORCHGRIP, a removable, multi-function tablet accessory for devices like the Apple iPad, Samsung Galaxy Tab and the Microsoft Surface. With the TORCHGRIP accessory attached, you can hold and maneuver your tablet comfortably and securely with one hand.  TecDriven is an Appleton-based company that invented a tablet accessory we’ve written about here.

Check out the feature story on our client and what our own Pat Clusman has to say about this innovative company!

Screen Shot 2016-05-17 at 7.28.07 AMSome of the most successful businesses start with a simple sketch, perhaps made at the dinner table or in a garage.

For James Pollex, the idea for an accessory to enhance a tablet’s portability started as a scribble before church one morning.

“I have always been an inventor and when I was little, my mother always told me to make my own fun,” says Pollex, chief design officer for TecDriven. “TORCHGRIP started when I put
my ideas on paper, and then built the product around that.”

His first sketch was of a simple handle that would attach to the back of an iPad or tablet using a strong adhesive, but one that could be easily removed to transfer to another device. The goal of the design was to create
a product you could use one-handed without feeling like you would drop or break the tablet device.

Pollex drew a sketch for a device that has many different functions and is ergonomically correct so it would be a “one size fits all” type of product.

The result was TORCHGRIP, a product that resembles a sundial gnomon and attaches to the back of any tablet device or case. The handle is pitched so the iPad can be held in multiple ways and can rotate freely.

Pollex applied for a patent in 2010, and the company solidified its design and launched in 2015. Joined by his partner, Bryan Kopesky, the pair are working to raise the product’s profile.

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You may have heard that 3D printing can create everything from cars to action figure toys, well now Finland-based VTT Technical Research Centre has found a way to create yummy snacks out of thin air…sort of. The company is using 3D printing to develop smart vending machines that will be able to produce completely customizable