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Chinese scientists will be the first to use CRISPR gene editing in human patients

A lung cancer diagnosis is serious business. But in China, scientists are using a revolutionary technique to treat lung cancer: Chinese scientists are preparing to set a world’s first by treating lung cancer patients with immune cells modified using the CRISPR–Cas9 gene editing technique. The team of clinical researchers hopes the modified immune cells will

New health app tracks Zika

I’ve been watching the Summer 2016 Olympics from Rio, and it’s been exciting! But along with the competition, spectators and athletes have had to worry about the Zika virus. I recently learned that the Brazilian Ministry of Health has developed a new app that will crowdsource health symptoms and map out any spread of the

Off-grid living is still a thing

Whether for financial or environmental reasons, the trend of “off-grid” living doesn’t seem to be diminishing. There have been an explosion of blogs and reality TV shows these past several years dedicated to living off the electrical grid. Three years ago a survey showed that 1.7 billion people in the world live off the grid.

Eco-friendly leather: Made from mushrooms!

Leather is great, but it’s a resource–intensive product that many would rather avoid, for environmental and animal safety reasons.  Here’s the story of how one company – MycoWorks – found a solution in nature. The company created a leather-like product grown rapidly from mycelium and agricultural byproducts in a carbon-negative process. In other words: Mushrooms!