Robotics becoming more life-like

If you haven’t heard and seen “Sophia” talk and interact with people before, you should give this a look. Sophia is Hanson Robotics’ latest robotic creation. The company says it created her based on actress Audrey Hepburn, with a little bit of company founder David Hanson’s wife. The world got its first look at Sophia

Eight Powerful Ways to Generate Ideas

As an innovator, do you ever get stuck coming up with fresh ideas and perspectives?  My friend Robert Tucker over at Innovation Resource has recently posted eight idea generators to help you realize new possibilities: For most of my professional life, I’ve studied the creative habits of highly successful innovators and the organizations they lead.

New food film made from milk is edible!

What if plastic food wrappers became a thing of the past? I saw this on CNN recently, and it details the USDA’s invention of a new film made with milk proteins, enabling people to eat the wrappers. It’s also 500 times better at keeping oxygen away from the food. The American Chemical society says it’s

Build practical strategies with CLEARVIEW

We’re now just six weeks away from our CLEAR™VIEW event, a highly interactive, three day leadership experience for top executives charged with driving business performance through organizational capability and transformational change. There is still plenty of time to sign up! The CLEAR™VIEW program is focused on building practical strategies to address challenges in agility, change,

How a billion dollar startup moves offline

Online shopping is expected to reach half a Trillion dollars this decade. Everyone thought brick and mortar stores would be replaced by online shopping, and yet real retail shops bring in 10 times what online stores do. Here’s an interesting profile of two entrepreneurs who started thier venture from a New York apartment, hoping to

Robotics making pizza?

A Silicon Valley pizzeria has launched the first-of-its-kind pizza robot. And it’s not just one robot, but a pizza-making army.  Zume, a Silicon Valley startup, is competing with Domino’s and Pizza Hut. Zume has also also created special delivery trucks that will finish cooking pizzas along the delivery route. That part of the business still