15 Surprising Environmental Trends to Watch in 2017

The care of our planet is always on the minds of innovators who are presenting the newest technology and scientific advances. Ensia, an independent, nonprofit magazine presenting new perspectives on environmental challenges and solutions, asks, “What should we be thinking about when we think about the future of biodiversity, conservation and the environment?” Here is

Bird-drone keeps airports safe

Birds flying near plane engines are dangerous. If they get sucked into the engines, there will definitely be an “incident report.” Now one company, Clear Flight Solutions, has developed “Robird,” a drone that flaps its wings to frighten other birds. The developers say they designed Robird to mimic the movements of a raptor, gliding through

Leading Change: How HFM Shaped and Hardwired a New Innovative Culture

If your organization is like most, chances are new challenges require new ways of doing things. I’m hosting a free webinar in a few weeks to show you how you can meet those challenges. Culture change is critical, but far from easy. This was the case for Holy Family Memorial (HFM) health network. Healthcare is