The Next Wave of Innovation in the Chemicals Industry

Posted by Cheryl Perkins on June 20, 2017

New discoveries in materials science will undoubtedly lead to a new era of growth. You may be asking who is best positioned to benefit — incumbent companies or upstarts?

The answer may surprise you.  I found an interesting article I thought I’d pass along, highlighting several new developments that could help the chemicals industry lead a new age of materials innovation, according to Strategy + Business:

The world is potentially on the brink of an age of new powerful materials, ushered in by innovation in the chemicals industry. But to be central players in this story, today’s incumbent chemicals companies will need some vital prerequisites: restructuring of their product portfolios, successful exploitation of digital technologies, and rewriting business models to generate higher returns on their investment in innovation.

To understand the dilemma facing the chemicals industry today, you have to understand its past.

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