Bird-drone keeps airports safe

Birds flying near plane engines are dangerous. If they get sucked into the engines, there will definitely be an “incident report.” Now one company, Clear Flight Solutions, has developed “Robird,” a drone that flaps its wings to frighten other birds. The developers say they designed Robird to mimic the movements of a raptor, gliding through

Oragami pots expand with growth

If you’re someone who enjoys healthy growth via indoor plants, you’re well aware of the messy chore to continually re-pot those plants. Here’s an interesting invention: A planter that grows as your houseplants do. This pot, GROWTH, is from Studio Ayaskan, and uses origami-based geometry which will transform to accommodate the growth of the plant

How a billion dollar startup moves offline

Online shopping is expected to reach half a Trillion dollars this decade. Everyone thought brick and mortar stores would be replaced by online shopping, and yet real retail shops bring in 10 times what online stores do. Here’s an interesting profile of two entrepreneurs who started thier venture from a New York apartment, hoping to