A Comprehensive Approach

A Comprehensive Approach & The Innovation Roadmap

If you want a strategic map to get you to your goals, let us build your Innovation Roadmap. This eight-week program extracts information about your innovation and intellectual asset systems and their alignment with corporate business plans, and identifies important gaps between objectives and beliefs versus performance. The gap analysis then leads to specific steps that can be taken to improve systems and bring better alignment.

A deep dive of extensive data is conducted to identify gaps and opportunity areas for improvement, and then a plan is developed in conjunction with corporate leaders to address critical gaps. This process typically takes 6 to 8 weeks and includes consideration of leadership skills, systems and tools, communication, success in realizing value from intellectual assets, and other corporate strengths and weaknesses.

Engaging Innovation

Innovationedge then applies known best practices, benchmarking data and input from specialists to define a long-term plan to guide you in pursuing opportunities for strengthened systems, a refined strategy and better alignment of practices and systems with your corporate objectives.

The process includes an Innovation Roadmapping Session that helps your “core team” understand current strengths to leverage, identify performance gaps, learn from and apply external best practices, and provide an open forum to collaboratively define options for moving forward.

An Executive Engagement Session provides a concise summary of key findings and leads your senior leaders through a rapid experiential process of understanding and decision-making around key recommendations.