Are You an Inventor & Entrepreneur?

As inventors and entrepreneurs ourselves, we’ve been exactly where you are. That’s why we are dedicated to helping you realize the full value from your ideas. Our Innovationedge team helps clients bring their ideas to market, strengthen their intellectual asset strategy, develop marketing plans, and make the necessary connections with others to achieve success. We customize our approach for each client, drawing upon our experience in innovation and strategy, and upon our networks of partners and peers.

Helping you Succeed

Whether you are an inventor/entrepreneur or a team player in a major corporation, you know the struggles and challenges in getting your idea to market. And while you can be invigorated to see your work valued and used, those complex barriers can create what we call “innovation fatigue.” Our goal is to help inventors and corporations overcome many of the fatigue factors that limit the ability to realize value from their ideas.

What we offer

Innovationedge is different. We work to get the concept to leaders who can help deliver success if there is a fit with their business needs. The Roadmap to Market process builds on years of experience in product development and on extensive connections with industry leaders in multiple segments. We’ll create a unique roadmap for you that delivers:

While you may be focused on your idea or invention, we don’t want you to miss the opportunities for a series of solutions for unmet needs in the marketplace. We believe that pipeline planning is a critical part of our work. We recognize that most external partners are more interested in building a pipeline rather than in just finding a single new product. Our Innovationedge approach to pipeline planning will increase your chances of a successful partnership in bringing the product to market.

Building a strong Intellectual Asset Strategy and Asset Portfolio is critical to maintain a prolonged competitive advantage with a product or service. Inventors are often surprised to find that just filing a patent is not enough to secure competitive advantage. We offer a broad array of intellectual assets solutions including tools for success you may not be aware of.
We also offer exciting educational opportunities:

If you’re ready to take your innovation strategy to a whole new level of breakthrough thinking, it’s time to partner with Innovationedge.

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