Organizational Effectiveness

The ideation service area is focused on creativity and innovation methods; personality assessments; team building; and organizational assessment, development and effectiveness. Different thinking styles are leveraged to help individuals problem-solve with a variety of tools that create new options in response to problems and challenges.

The meeting facilitation services area delivers effective meeting facilitation in three capacities



Familiarity with process models:

Innovationedge believes that the most effective meetings are the result of solid pre-meeting preparation. We will work with you to prepare according to your needs.

Team and Personal Effectiveness Services Include:

Teaming and Communication/Insights Discovery – This service area combines key learnings in areas such as perceptions, preferences, and the color energy model with individual and team exercises designed to focus and improve people individually as well as build team synergies and cohesiveness.

Organization and Team Effectiveness – Personality and team effectiveness services include:

Transformational Leadership – Leadership effectiveness services include:

Building a creative culture – Creativity and cultural effectiveness services include:

Personal Effectiveness – Personal effectiveness services area includes: