Download seminars and presentations from Cheryl Perkins and Innovationedge on a variety of topics from Open Innovation Partnerships to Green Sustainability. You can listen now, or send the file to your MP3 library to enjoy later.

Enterprise Leadership Conference

Innovation can deliver a desirable experience for your customers, and sustainable growth for your company. Many companies, however, struggle with how to deliver top-line growth and deliver true business innovation. Meanwhile, come companies have become astounded by the curve balls being thrown at them because of rising energy costs in the global economy. Click here to hear Cheryl Perkins speak about taking a holistic approach to innovation.

Lean and Green Sustainable Innovation

You often hear experts talk about creating an “Ecosystem of Innovation.” But what is it? Cheryl Perkins shares her insights about why companies must move toward clean, green environmentally-friendly practices intertwined throughout their holistic business model. She also points to several case studies as examples, and explains why Lean and Green initiatives often require outside partnerships to enhance your model with capabilities you don’t yet have. Harvard Business Review’s Steve Singer produced this must-hear podcast. To hear more, click on this link to download the audio file.