Please join Cheryl Perkins at executive leadership program this spring!

Meaningful growth and innovation require strong leadership, particularly in today’s climate of competition, complexity, and constant change.  To develop your capabilities to the fullest, Cheryl highly recommends the Leadership inSITE™ coaching program to be held April 30–May 2, 2019 in Tempe, Arizona. This 3-day intensive program builds leadership capability in four “insights” that are crucial for successful, high-potential leaders – Strategy, Innovation, Transformation, and Execution (SITE).

Cheryl is delighted and honored to be the Executive in Residency for the session titled The Leader’s Role in Innovation Strategy and Culture. They’ll focus on how to inspire innovation and creativity, with emphasis on customer, supplier, competitor, and/or other collaborations and partnerships that reach beyond traditional boundaries to foster innovative solutions.

Please review the program description here, then reserve your seat online. For questions or more details, contact Roz Jackson at 562-964-3575 or