Groceryshop Spring Meetup

Cheryl Perkins is participating in the Groceryshop Spring Meetup to be held online Tuesday through Thursday, March 9-11, 2021 from 12:30 pm to 3:15 pm ET. The largest Grocery & CPG event this spring, Groceryshop Spring Meetup is a virtual meetings program where participants engage in 15-minute online video meetings. 

As part of Groceryshop Spring Meetup, participants can choose to join 15-minute one-to-one meetings where they “Ask-an-Expert” questions on specific topics. Cheryl will be an expert on Fostering a Culture of Innovation. All Ask-an-Expert meetings are participant-led, meaning participants will ask questions on the specific topic.

The Spring Meetup participants include changemakers in grocery and CPG, including established retailers and brands, consumer-facing startups, media and more.

For more information and to register, please see Groceryshop Spring Meetup.