Is your organization looking for ways to improve your existing products and expand your brand?

Like many organizations, you’re probably under pressure to improve your existing products, create new products and extend your brand equity into new spaces where you do not compete today. Competitors, National Brands or Private Label manufacturers are keeping you up at night. You wonder how your organization can compete in these economic times. Most companies recognize that new products and services are imperative to maintaining a robust innovation pipeline but sometimes fixing gaps in existing products and services can also yield significant benefits. You realize that your organization has an opportunity to change the game by developing new-to-the-market or new-to-the-world products and technologies for continued growth of your business but you don’t know where to begin.

Innovationedge can help you define a pipeline strategy and roadmap that is aligned with your overall business strategy and provides clear direction to the team. Our sustainable capabilities include processes, systems and tools that deliver product and package innovations to create value for consumers and stakeholders. We can help you conduct a gap analysis on existing products, then evaluate and recommend changes to ensure your product is consistently able to deliver against the brand promise. We can also help you define robust growth platforms of new-to-the-company offerings that are competitively advantaged and protected where possible.

Are your processes, systems and tools helping to deliver solutions with reduced cycle time?  We will partner with you to evaluate capabilities, define metrics and find the right approaches to deliver new or better products.

At Innovationedge, we go beyond a typical consultancy relationship to identify adjacent areas for growth and work with you to develop product and platform strategies as well as technology and capability strategies. We’ll leverage appropriate product development methodologies and tools to drive sustainable benefits to your organization.


We will assist you in bringing new technologies and products to market that exceed the end users’ wants and meet previously unanticipated needs.  At Innovationedge, we work with you to:

  • Define consumer needs and growth platforms by identifying and prioritizing opportunities in new or existing products and technologies through structured data analyses, knowledge of the end-users and a battery of physical, analytical, sensory and end user evaluations
  • Execute a strategic development process where insights are transformed into relevant product and technology solutions that ensure our clients stay ahead of their competition in terms of the value proposition including performance, quality and price
  • Develop a pipeline of products and technologies to ensure they can expand and grow future portfolios
  • Apply a systematic approach to understand and close existing product gaps (Product Development Process)
    • What should the product be?
    • What is the current state of the product?
    • What is the gap? (Quality, Manufacturing, Test Methods, Design, etc.)

Contact Innovationedge today and let’s discuss how we can help you craft an approach to new product development that will better exploit the opportunities you may be missing right now.