The Organizational Effectiveness service area is focused on creativity and innovation methods; personality assessments; team building; and organizational assessment, development, and effectiveness. Different thinking styles are leveraged to help individuals problem-solve with a variety of tools that create new options in response to problems and challenges.

  • Creative Thinking Introduction (Definition, Roadblocks)
  • Creative Thinking Foundation (Divergence, Convergence)
  • ForeSight Feedback (Addresses group dynamic issues)
  • Process Demonstration
  • Deliberate Creative and Effective Meeting Tools/Techniques (such as Brain-writing, Forced connections, POINT, SCAMPER, Idea Box, Excursions)

The meeting facilitation services area delivers effective meeting facilitation in three capacities


  • Separating content work from process work
  • Identifying interests
  • Framing problems


  • Choice of words
  • Ability to listen, summarize and reframe
  • Using questions to stimulate thinking

Familiarity with process models:

  • Leadership
  • Decision-making and consensus building
  • Techniques to keep the meeting on track and moving

Innovationedge believes that the most effective meetings are the result of solid pre-meeting preparation. We will work with you to prepare according to your needs.

Team and Personal Effectiveness Services Include:

Teaming and Communication/Insights Discovery – This service area combines key learning in areas such as perceptions, preferences, and the color energy model with individual and team exercises designed to focus and improve people individually as well as build team synergies and cohesiveness.

Organization and Team Effectiveness – Personality and team effectiveness services include:

  • Provide quantitative assessment of team competencies.
  • Understand team competencies and analyze quantitative data about the team.
  • Identify key competencies for team improvement.
  • Develop solutions for immediate improvement opportunities and design long-term improvement plan.
  • Provide quantitative data on the team’s improvement after the completion of improvement plan

Transformational Leadership – Leadership effectiveness services include:

  • Understand key leadership concepts and how they affect the organization and the leader.
  • Learn different styles of leadership and how they are effective.
  • Learn more about an individual’s own leadership style with a custom leadership profile.
  • Learn about other organizations and review case studies on the strategies their leaders took to make them successful.
  • Build the individual’s plans to lead in a more effective and inspiring way.

Building a creative culture – Creativity and cultural effectiveness services include:

  • Learn the concepts of creativity and creative environments.
  • Understand the creative style of each team member and how it fits within the team.
  • Learn how to be creative on demand.
  • Learn new idea generation processes and tools.
  • Practice the tools on real team issues and opportunities.
  • Learn “harvesting” techniques to organize and add to the yield of a creative session.

Personal Effectiveness – Personal effectiveness services area includes:

  • Take stock of the individual’s life and define future life goal areas.
  • Learn about life stories and identify key moments, memories, people, and symbols.
  • Begin to build the individual’s own life story and learn how to read what it might be teaching.
  • Explore, understand and deepen individual values.
  • Assess individual’s current work and life situations against a prioritized value set.
  • Outline the actions individuals can take to live in the present and move toward desired future states.