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AeroInnovate – Oshkosh, WI

July 31, 2008 Pat Clusman No Comments » Event Info

Attend AeroInnovate May 13-14, 2009. Click here for more information!

Licensing Executives Society 2008 Annual Meeting – Orlando, FL

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Join Innovationedge’s Jeff Lindsay at the Licensing Executives Society (LES) 2008 Annual Meeting. This year’s conference theme is Global Excellence in Licensing and Acquisition Through Certification.

Jeff will be a part of the Consumer Products Sector Mini-Plenary. His presentation will focus on “Innovation Fatigue,” which is defined as when a company’ s employees grow weary of innovation.

Don’t miss the innovative Tech Fair, hands-on workshops, in-depth add-on seminars and industry-specific mini-plenary sessions available at this conference. Click here to register.

Consumer Goods Technology Growth & Innovation Forum 2008 – Miami, FL

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Join Cheryl Perkins at the Consumer Goods Technology Growth & Innovation Forum for two days of networking, relationship building and insights from some of the world’s leading consumer goods executives and analysts around driving innovation and sparking creativity. The theme of this year’s CG Growth & Innovation Forum is Cultivating Innovation: Balancing People, Process & Technology.

Cheryl will be presenting a compelling session titled “The Role of the CIO, CFO & CMO: How Do These Executives Affect Innovation?”

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Business Innovation Conference – Wheaton, IL

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Join Innovationedge’s Roy Luebke at this premier event bringing academia, government, and business together to explore and learn the science of innovation, and accelerate performance through innovation.

The Business Innovation Conference will bring innovators, entrepreneurs, engineers, and executives to share their methods, challenges, and lessons learned and raise the understanding of the innovation process and tools to the next level. There will be 6 workshops and 30 presentations including 6 keynote speakers to choose from over three days! In addition there will be keynote presentations by diverse industry leaders and a recognition dinner for innovators.

Top 5 Benefits Of Attending:

  1. Raise your understanding of the innovation process and tools to the next level.
  2. Learn to Sustain Profitable Growth & Innovate More Efficiently.
  3. Enter the Global Innovation Awards.
  4. Learn to master innovation to become a continual thinker, capable of innovating on demand for mass customization.
  5. Network with industry leaders.

Don’t miss this exciting event. Click here to register.

New Wipe Dispenser Receives Innovation Award for Modern Style and Ease of Use

July 6, 2008 Cheryl Perkins No Comments » Press Releases


Appleton, Wis. (July 7, 2008) — Innovationedge, a global strategic innovation consultancy, assisted in the development of KlenzPod™ which recently won the inaugural Innovation Award at the annual World of Wipes (WOW 2008) Conference. Mick Gordon, the inventor of KlenzPod, was honored for his innovative approach and elegant solution to the lack of efficient wet wipe disposal facilities on the market. This award-winning new system was developed for offices and public buildings to provide employees and customers easy access to single wet wipes.

“I am truly delighted that KlenzPod has won the Innovation Award at WOW 2008. KlenzPod and the related suite of products have received numerous top awards at some of the biggest inventors shows in the world. However, this accolade is particularly important because it has been awarded by those directly involved in the non-woven industry who understand the industry and the commercial impact that KlenzPod could have,” says Gordon.

The stylish new KlenzPod system introduces a suite of patent-pending innovations to many industries, including consumer use, industrial applications, food service and health care. The key innovation in the KlenzPod system is the NippleNozzle™, which allows only one wipe to be pulled from the dispenser every time. This provides easy use, prevents moisture loss and eliminates unnecessary waste. The elegant dispenser can also be mounted securely to walls, medical trolleys, bathroom stalls and changing stations in office facilities, hotels, or restaurants.

“We have purposely designed the system to not only be easy to use, but also look great. The KlenzPod is receiving enthusiastic acceptance from those who would like to install them where appearance is of critical importance in addition to functionality,” says Mick Gordon, inventor of KlenzPod. “Everyone who sees them loves them, so we hope we can come to an agreement with a major manufacturer in the near future and get the product out to a very eager public as soon as possible.”

Also attending WOW 2008 was Cheryl Perkins, CEO and founder of Innovationedge, who along with her colleagues, assisted with the development of the product. Innovationedge is continuously dedicated to assisting in the development of new and innovative products, including new ways to improve hygiene.

“We are thrilled to be part of an award-winning innovation that will add value across many industries and provide businesses with a stylish, fast and easy solution to keep their employees healthy,” said Perkins. “At the end of the day, business is important, but if your business can improve the lives of others, it’s a great feeling.”

The WOW 2008 Conference, held in Chicago from June 16-18, was organized by INDA, Association of the Nonwoven Fabrics Industry and devoted solely to wipes. The WOW Awards recognize and reward the industry members who bring innovative and value-added processes and product enhancements to the wipes market. KlenzPod was among five other products nominated by the industry earlier this year.

About Innovationedge:
Innovationedge is a global strategic innovation consultancy based in Wisconsin. The team’s fearless champions of innovation break barriers to help executives define their business strategy, develop new capabilities, design a winning organizational structure, and deliver breakthrough innovations through a robust growth pipeline of solutions and new-to-the-world innovations. The company also gives inventors an edge by crafting winning business propositions and creating strategic corporate partnerships that deliver commercial success. For more information, visit

top 10 energizers to jolt your innovation

I coach a number of inventors whose ideas are cutting edge and exciting. One of the analogies I often share with them about getting an invention to the market place successfully is the idea of connecting an electrical circuit. All of the multiple components need to be in place and in the right order for the circuit to function and the energy to flow and do useful work.

As with an electrical circuit, all of the different innovation pieces have to be synchronized and working with one another to develop the end result. True innovation-driven growth can be delivered if you develop a roadmap that aligns the leadership team on key priorities and capabilities.

The energy of innovation requires what I’ve coined, “Completing the Circuit of Innovation™,” by plugging in a holistic intellectual asset strategy that goes beyond simply getting a patent. (To learn more about this, I recommend taking a listen to my Incite Innovation podcast about Completing the Circuit of Innovation. Click here and scroll down to #004.)

So in the spirit of “Top Ten” lists, here are the essentials for entrepreneurial success:

  1. Start right! Have a clear definition of your idea or invention.
  2. Find a coach or mentor to help you through the process and increase your chance of succeeding.
  3. Keep searching. Conduct additional research of the art to better define the competitive landscape.
  4. Develop Intellectual assets to strengthen your competitive advantage.
  5. Define your territory. Learn what potentially can be owned by you or your competitors, and develop a vision for a pipeline of offerings and inventions.
  6. Do your diligence. Due diligence and a defined market entry strategy will help exploit channels and potential targets.
  7. Identify potential strategic partners and companies for your business proposition pitch.
  8. Target the decision-makers. These often are the marketing people or innovation leaders with expansive networks who will open the doors and pave your way.
  9. Develop partner relationships (and development licenses) with end users, equipment manufacturers and packaging raw material producers.
  10. Find a coach with the expertise to help you establish reasonable royalty rates and a pricing structure as well as assist with commercial negotiations.

If you can check these off, you are well on your way to connecting the Circuit for innovation success!