I’m getting ready to head back to Shanghai for this year’s Co-Dev Asia conference, and I could not be more excited for the intense, open innovation learning that will take place. It’s a conference I am proud to chair, and I’m looking forward to the growth that will result!


This year’s conference brings together a faculty of leading experts and advanced practitioners in innovation, and they will share their candid insights on the latest trends, what’s working, what’s not, as well as the future direction of co-development and open innovation strategies.

We’re also taking a closer look at how open innovation efforts are helping top companies build capabilities and networks to create business value. The program features keynote presentations, case studies, and panels with top innovation leaders representing: Kraft Foods, Procter & Gamble, Johnson & Johnson, Kimberly-Clark Corporation, WD-40 Company, Asia Pulp & Paper, ADP China and more.

I will share more when I arrive in China, and bring you the latest happenings from the conference as they happen.  You can follow along on my Twitter account: @innovation_edge!

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