School’s out for most children, or will be in a week or two for everyone. What will keep their minds entertained?  Parents looking to think outside of the toybox might want to consider these ideas.

Screen Shot 2016-05-16 at 9.57.33 PMFrom educational electricity kits to plastic pizza frisbees, the toy industry is using technology and creative insights to shape what our kids will be playing with in the months ahead:

The top May 2016 toy ideas include a range of low-tech and high-tech toys that range from highly entertaining to extremely educational. There are plenty of kits that are designed to teach kids the basics of electricity, programming and physics, as well as ones that challenge kids to tap into their inner maker by learning to create something from scratch using their own two hands.

With the summer season fast approaching, there are a number of toys that are now being released to encourage outdoor play. As of late, these kinds of toys are reviving activities like fishing and archery that require skill.

Another prevalent theme in these toys is nostalgia, which can be seen in playthings that reintroduce old characters and concepts in an entirely new way for a younger generation.

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