Reach Your Consumer

Innovationedge is hosting a live text-based Q&A session on our Facebook page.
Session participants will:

  • Gain insight about your consumer’s needs
  • Learn strategies to reach your target market
  • Explore case studies to see what tactics have worked for other companies

Participants will be able to ask questions about reaching your consumers and engage in a real-time conversation with innovation and strategy expert, Cheryl Perkins!

Over the last year, many brands have struggled to effectively reach consumers throughout the pandemic. Consumers are more cautious about what products and services they choose to spend their money on and which companies they support. If your goal is to increase sales, leads, and revenue, then learning what consumers find valuable today is essential!

This live text-based Q&A will take place on Monday, May 3rd from 6:00 pm to 7:00 pm CDT on the Innovationedge Facebook page.