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Innovation Leader Summit – United Kingdom

August 25, 2008 Pat Clusman No Comments » Event Info

The Innovation Leader Summit is a must attend for anyone with a personal stake in the delivery of their company’s innovation program. It has been carefully designed to meet the challenges of the world’s fastest moving and demanding industry sectors, including healthcare, food, consumer products, electronics and services.

Sponsored by Innovationedge and Pure Insight, this event takes place on November 3-4, 2008 at the Copthorne Hotel, Sough Windsor, UK.

The Summit brings together an outstanding innovation faculty and 100 innovation leaders to share real company insights into what will help you deliver your company’s innovation strategy.

Speakers include:

  • Robert Tucker
  • Cheryl Perkins
  • Dr. Bettina Von Stamm

Also, don’t miss the Global Practioner Panel, which brings together five leaders from the world’s most successful innovators, including Richard Seymour, Dr. Ralf Dujardin, Jean Spence, Dr. Ged O’Shea and Graham P. Milner to answer your questions directly and candidly.

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World business leaders to uncover new innovation strategies at ‘Innovation Leader Summit’

August 20, 2008 Cheryl Perkins No Comments » Press Releases

Appleton, Wis. (August 20, 2008) The first ‘Innovation Leader Summit’, developed by partnering innovation consultant companies Pure Insight and Innovationedge, will take place on November 3-4, 2008 at the Copthorne Hotel Slough Windsor, UK. The summit has attracted a global faculty of session leaders as well as a senior ‘Global Practitioner Panel’ from the likes of Kraft Foods, Bayer Innovation, Alliance Boots, Unilever and WD-40.

“With today’s uncertain economy, some firms are relying on a cost-cutting strategy to ride out the storm. Other firms are taking advantage of the current environment to exploit new markets, win greater market share, and spur organic growth. The faculty for this Summit will provide you with up-to-the-minute strategies you can use to turn today’s uncertainty into competitive advantage,” says Robert Tucker, author and internationally recognized leader in the field of innovation. Tucker will deliver the Summit’s opening keynote session and comments on the first day of the Summit.

The two-day event will focus on the challenges of tomorrow’s innovation leadership, looking deeply at culture, organizations, new business models, communications, open innovation and the generation of new breakthrough products and services.

“When companies like Procter & Gamble, once famous for going it alone, claim that “half of the company’s ideas must come from the outside,” it’s clear that connecting well with others, both within and outside your organization, dictates a new route for successful innovation policies in global organizations” notes Cheryl Perkins, president and founder of Innovationedge.

The event has been carefully designed to meet the challenges of the worlds fastest moving and demanding industry sectors including healthcare, food, consumer products, electronics and services. The leaders and panelists will deliver a true inside track on how companies in these industries and more have made specific changes in their innovation process to increase productivity and performance. Learning lessons from proven innovation models used by some of the world’s most admired companies, the summit will take account of the complexities of the issues to deal with by giving delegates practical insights into how other companies have made specific changes in their innovation process and increased both productivity and performance.

For further details about the Innovation Leader Summit, please contact 920.731.2771 or visit


About Innovationedge
Innovationedge is a management-consulting firm founded by Cheryl Perkins that specializes in strategic innovation and growth. They are committed to providing the most comprehensive, innovative and targeted solutions to business challenges — internally and externally — through partnership, objectivity and creativity. The principals at the firm will analyze your situation and develop strategic plans to meet your goals and objectives.

The team’s champions of innovation break barriers to help executives define business strategy, develop new capabilities, design a winning organizational structure, and deliver breakthrough innovations through a robust growth pipeline of solutions and new-to-the-world innovations. The company also gives inventors an edge by crafting winning business propositions and creating strategic corporate partnerships that deliver commercial success.

Aug 08: Corporate Report Wisconsin

August 8, 2008 Cheryl Perkins No Comments » Media Coverage

Wet wipe dispenser wins WOW award: Corporate Report Wisconsin, August 2008

IRI’s 2008 Member Summit – Denver, CO

August 8, 2008 Pat Clusman No Comments » Event Info

Join Cheryl Perkins for IRI’s 2008 Member Summit on October 14-16, 2008, in Denver, CO. This year’s conference theme is Talent 2020: Driving Innovation & Growth.

Session Topics Include:
•    Leadership Development in a Global Environment
•    Next Generation of Innovator/Innovation Leader
•    Attracting, Acquiring, & Retaining Top Talent
•    Leveraging your People Power
•    Future Workforce Values
•    Much, much more!

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Innovation Immersion – Phoenix, AZ

August 8, 2008 Pat Clusman No Comments » Event Info

Join Cheryl Perkins at the Innovation Immersion Conference on October 20-22, 2008, in Phoenix, AZ.
This program is designed to envelop you in the innovation process (think “experience it yourself session” and innovation lounges), to change your mindset to see what other cannot see (over 50 presentations from the top innovation companies), and to lay out a plan for your visions to become a reality back in the office (with on-site corporate innovation coaches).

Cheryl, along with InnovationPoint’s Soren Kaplan, will lead a workshop titled “Finding Innovation Breakthroughs (An Outside-In Approach).” Key innovation learning points include:

  1. Strategic intent and organizational alignment, competitive awareness and positioning, partnering abilities
  2. Personnel skill sets & mindsets required for creativity, pattern recognition, behavioral research, design research, and team effectiveness
  3. Making sense of your research: turning data into insights
  4. A platform approach to opportunity identification and concept development
  5. Working with external experts: Thought Leader Innovation Panels
  6. New, non-traditional ways of leveraging your external stakeholders
  7. Crowdsourcing: tapping into the wisdom of the creative consumer

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Ideas to Profits – Appleton, WI

August 8, 2008 Pat Clusman No Comments » Event Info

Join Roy Luebke and Jeff Lindsay of Innovationedge for the Ideas to Profits Conference. This annual conference, held in Appleton, WI on October 1-2, 2008, is put on by The Wisconsin Innovation Service Center. It targets innovative manufacturers, technology entrepreneurs and independent inventors.

Roy will be presenting a keynote titled “Innovation Isn’t Just for Products.” Jeff’s presentation is titled “Tapping the Power of Corporations to Bring New Products to the Market: Understanding and Overcoming Innovation Fatigue.”

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Podcast 008 – Innovation Talent Management

August 1, 2008 Pat Clusman No Comments » Podcasts

Speaker: Cheryl Perkins

Cheryl Perkins, founder and president of Innovationedge, shares her insights on attracting, retaining and developing innovators. In this Podcast, Cheryl starts by suggesting some skill sets to look for in potential innovating employees and the importance of defining roles and capabilities when hiring new innovators. She also gives some helpful tips on where to go to find creative employees. Addressing employee retention, Cheryl presents some do’s and don’ts when striving for high employee retention. Cheryl concludes by offering some learning opportunities and experiences that are a great way to develop your employees, as well as other recommendations for bringing out the best in your employees.