Join Cheryl Perkins at the Innovation Immersion Conference on October 20-22, 2008, in Phoenix, AZ.
This program is designed to envelop you in the innovation process (think “experience it yourself session” and innovation lounges), to change your mindset to see what other cannot see (over 50 presentations from the top innovation companies), and to lay out a plan for your visions to become a reality back in the office (with on-site corporate innovation coaches).

Cheryl, along with InnovationPoint’s Soren Kaplan, will lead a workshop titled “Finding Innovation Breakthroughs (An Outside-In Approach).” Key innovation learning points include:

  1. Strategic intent and organizational alignment, competitive awareness and positioning, partnering abilities
  2. Personnel skill sets & mindsets required for creativity, pattern recognition, behavioral research, design research, and team effectiveness
  3. Making sense of your research: turning data into insights
  4. A platform approach to opportunity identification and concept development
  5. Working with external experts: Thought Leader Innovation Panels
  6. New, non-traditional ways of leveraging your external stakeholders
  7. Crowdsourcing: tapping into the wisdom of the creative consumer

Don’t miss this exciting event. Click here to register today.

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