Looking ahead to the New Year

Most of us look back from a December perspective and take stock of how we did in the past 12 months. Did we meet the goals we set for ourselves last December? Did we do something to make a positive difference? What are those things we planned to do but didn’t or couldn’t in this

CoDev 2012: Achieving Higher OI Returns while Managing Risk, Cost and Uncertainty

We can’t ignore the fact that Open Innovation has become a critical component within the innovation framework of top companies. The challenge you now face is fueling your innovation engine in this less-than-optimal climate! Join Cheryl Perkins as she teams up once again with Management Roundtable and PDMA for the upcoming 11th annual CoDev2012: Achieving

Making Innovation Work

Join InnovationEdge in China for the Making Innovation Work: Success from Within and Outside.  The event will take place February 27 and 28, 2012 at the CII Innovation Center, Shanghai. Cheryl Perkins and Pat Clusman lead participants through wiring together your business, marketing and innovation strategies,  by identifying and applying the key focal areas of

Innovation Best Practices For Consumer Industry

Join Cheryl Perkins and Pat Clusman in China for the Innovation Best Practices For Consumer Industry. The event will take place March 1-2, 2012 at the CII Innovation Center, Shanghai. China Institute for Innovation is a consulting and academic organization established specifically to help Chinese companies, multinational organizations and government agencies to meet the needs for world-class

Walmart’s new tech keeps eye on consumers

Imagine not having to deal with the ckeck out line–and just shop right in the aisle where you are. Walmart is considering letting shoppers buy products in the aisles in an effort to improve the customer experience. Those shoppers with an iPhone 4 or 4S can buy some products simply by scanning the bar code

Innovation being used to reshape teaching

Innovation isn’t just limited to the business world. Just like businesses, educational institutions also have a need to be innovative. In my consultancy I am seeing more and more institutions that are acting on the realization for the need to improve the art and science of education. They are looking to create an improved culture

Social media campaigns can spark sales

Periodically I like to share my thoughts on the role of social media platforms in driving business visibility. One that I am very intrigued with right now is the foursquare mobile app. Using a phone or mobile device, the foursquare app allows individuals to “check in” and voluntarily share their locations during the day with

Government behind variety of innovations

Say what you will about our government, but I can’t help imagine that some of our most incredible inventions and technologies wouldn’t have been made possible without the support from federal servants.  I was reflecting about this recently in my newspaper column, and how when we think of innovation, we often think of new products

Israel is Developing Cancer Vaccine

Some of the latest innovation trends are coming from the nation of Israel, as I’ve blogged about before.  A new therapeutic vaccine was recently developed in that tiny nation, and it promises to keep up to 90 percent of cancers from coming back. This kind of development is increasingly important as our population lives longer.